Are Huskies Friendly?

Huskies are one of the most recognizable dog breeds in the world. Known for their thick fur and bushy tail, huskies are easily identifiable. Their appearance can make some believe these dogs are dangerous or aggressive, but there is nothing further from the truth.

So, are huskies friendly?

Generally speaking, huskies are a very friendly dog breed and will react in a friendly way to people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. They have a wolf-like appearance that can be alarming for those unfamiliar with this breed, but they are more likely to lick and howl at intruders than to bite them.

Let’s look at huskies’ friendly nature in more detail.

Husky dog greeting lady

Husky Temperament

Huskies are gentle, friendly, and good-natured, and they love people. 

These dogs are agreeable companions who are always eager to work. Their outgoing temperament and good-natured character make Huskies friendly not only towards their owners but towards strangers and other pets, as well.

While their friendliness means they’re not the best guard dog, their good nature makes them great family dogs.

Huskies Are Affectionate And Agreeable

As mentioned, the wolf-like appearance of Huskies may make people think they are dangerous dogs, but this breed makes for a very poor good guard dog.

Their loving nature will most likely make them want to become friends with the intruder. They are curious but not territorial by nature, and they constantly seek attention, even if it comes from strangers.

They thrive on people’s company and attention, and their affectionate temperament is extended to everyone. Don’t feel disheartened if you see your husky run off to play with your neighbor.

Huskies Love Kids

If you have young children, you’re right to be cautious around dogs; many dog owners usually worry about how their dog will interact with a child or baby. 

Generally speaking, huskies are extremely friendly toward kids. These dogs are an intelligent breed and often immediately understand the fragility of a baby or child. They will become more careful and gentler when interacting with them. 

Like a giant hyperactive teddy bear, kids tend to love huskies. So, if they’re old enough to play, you may have found a great energy extinguisher for both child and pup.

That’s also great for the husky, as they love attention and finding a new friend.

Little boy with husky puppy

Huskies And Other Pets

Many breeds don’t get on well with other dogs or pets, like cats and birds. Huskies will normally get on well with dogs, particularly those of a similar size. However, things are a bit different when it comes to other pets, like cats, birds, rodents, or rabbits. 

In general, Huskies are not fond of other pets, and their high prey instincts may lead huskies to hunt smaller pets, like cats, down.

They will also not back down easily when another dog or animal shows hostility towards them. 

However, huskies are more than willing to indulge when it comes to socialization with other dogs. No matter the other dog’s size, huskies tend to enjoy playing with them, and they will easily accept them at home.

A husky and a beagle

Final Thoughts On How Friendly Huskies Are

Overall, huskies are friendly dogs that make great companions.

If you’re looking for a dog that is good with kids, other dogs, and strangers, then a husky might be the right dog for you.

However, it’s important to note that huskies often don’t get along well with cats, rodents, birds, and rabbits.

So if you have any of those animals in your home, you should probably think twice before getting a husky.


Are Huskies Good Family Pets?

Huskies make excellent family pets because of their ​​friendly, open, and good-natured temperament. They are extremely playful and have an enthusiasm for life you cannot easily find in other breeds.
They get on very well with babies, kids, and other dogs. Still, you should never leave dogs with small children unattended.

Why Does My Husky Growl At Others?

Huskies get on well with strangers and other dogs, but they can make some sounds that can seem the opposite. Huskies growl and howl when they “happy talk” which can be mistaken for aggression by people and animals unfamiliar with the breed. 
Huskies are very vocal dogs, even though they rarely bark. Let people know what your huskies sounds mean, so they can be at ease as well.

Will My Husky Get On Well With Other Dogs?

No matter the other dog’s size, Huskies will normally get on very well with them. They are not known for dog-based aggression, but proper socialization at an early age is a must.
This is also true for the other dog as well, as huskies tend to stand their ground if threatened and if the other dog is not familiar with dog interaction fundamentals.

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