Can Huskies Eat Raw Meat?

When it comes to feeding a husky, it can be a little bit trickier than most dogs. They can be real fussy eaters at times and you may find yourself contemplating switching up their diet to resemble more of what their wolf ancestors eat.

But before you make that switch, it’s important to consider whether raw meat is suitable for huskies? Can huskies eat raw meat? Let’s find out.

Can huskies eat raw meat?

The short answer is, yes they can.

You can definitely feed your husky raw meat like their wolf ancestors would have eaten. Feeding your dog as they would eat in the wild could consist of different meats, organs, and bones from various mammals, fish, and poultry.

This is becoming more and more popular with dog owners trying to resemble this more “wild” lifestyle. Often these diets also include raw fruit and vegetables, or even raw eggs.

What these do not take into account is the lifespan most wild dogs and wolves experience. These animals usually only live to around 8 years of age, whereas huskies can often be expected to live up to 15 years or longer.

can huskies eat raw meat

Is it healthy for huskies to eat raw meat?

The risk of feeding your dog raw meat is that they’re consuming all the bacteria and diseases that come with it. Dogs are more susceptible to this than humans due to their bodies not being able to handle these things as we can.

Cooked meat, such as the meats found in most conventional dog food, is also more easily digestible. This allows your husky to extract more of the nutrients and vitamins in the food.

For husky puppies, these nutrients and vitamins are extra important for growth. And the more easily digestible dog food is healthier for when your husky reaches the older stages of their life.

Eating raw meat is actually healthy though if it’s done in a balanced diet. The problem is that most people try to DIY raw meat for their dogs and it can be quite tricky to then give them all of the valuable nutrients they require.

Do huskies like raw meat?

If you want to switch your husky over to raw meat or give them raw meat every now and then, it’s important to remember that your husky will be a lot more used to kibble and cooked meats than raw meat. This means they may take a while to adjust to raw meat and decide it’s something they want regularly.

Or your husky may just love the smell and taste and go berserk for raw meat from day one.

Most dogs like raw meat, even if it may take them a while to get used to it.

Should you cook raw meat before feeding it to your husky?

In most cases, cooking meat for your husky will be the safer thing to do. This will kill any bacteria that may be present in the meat and you will make the meat more digestible for your canine.

Make sure to avoid adding any spices or excess oils. It’s best if you can boil meat, this way you won’t add any additional oils to the food that can be unhealthy for your dog in large amounts.

Can I put my husky on a B.A.R.F Diet?

If you want to put your husky on a raw meat diet, then one to consider is a B.A.R.F Diet.

B.A.R.F stands for “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food” and “Bones and Raw Food”.

As you can see, this is raw food and not just raw meat. Like all things in life, you need balance, and your huskies diet is no different. If you want a healthy and happy husky with a shiny fur coat and a long life, then you need to make sure they are eating a balanced diet.

In addition to raw meats, you should include bones, vegetables, fruits, as well as supplements of the vitamins your husky may be missing out on in their new diet.

This diet is again quite tricky though and not recommended for most people as it can be difficult to find the right mix without experience or consulting the right food services.

Final thoughts on huskies eating raw meat

There are definitely some advantages to feeding your dog raw meat, but you need to be sure of what you’re doing and ask for help if you don’t know. There are also many disadvantages of dogs eating raw meat that need to be considered too.

If you do choose to put your husky on a raw meat diet, then the most important thing is to make sure you’re doing it right and they’re getting the nutrients and vitamins they need.

Do your research before feeding your husky raw meat and make sure it’s not just for you or your dog’s taste buds!

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