Can Huskies Eat Watermelon?

Huskies are a very special type of dog. They are known for their intelligence, endurance, and friendly personality. But as many Husky owners can attest to, these beautiful dogs can be quite fussy eaters.

So, can Huskies eat watermelon?

Yes, they can! This is good news for you because watermelons are the perfect refreshing treat on a hot summer’s day!

Watermelons contain vitamins A, B6, and C which aids in fighting off infection to keep your pup healthy. In addition to being loaded with nutrients, they also have potassium which helps avoid cramping which can be common during the warm seasons.

Can huskies eat watermelon rind?

If you decide to serve your pup some delicious watermelon, make sure to remove the rind as it is often covered with pesticide chemicals.

The rind also has a high concentration of citric acid which can cause gastrointestinal problems for huskies and other breeds of dog.

The “skin” or “shell” of the watermelon can also be very hard to chew and digest for a husky, so if you intend to let your pup have some watermelon then it is best to serve them the meat of the fruit.

Huskies can eat watermelon, but it is best to avoid offering your pup the rind.

Can huskies eat watermelon seeds?

No, they should not. Dogs can eat watermelon, but should not eat the seeds. The seeds can cause intestinal issues for huskies because they cannot digest them.

Seeds can also be a choking hazard. So rather avoid feeding them to your husky when indulging them with a refreshing piece of watermelon.

can huskies eat watermelon

How much watermelon can a husky eat?

Huskies can have a slice of watermelon as a treat, but make sure to monitor their intake. The exact amount will depend on your dog’s size and age, and you should always serve these healthy summer snacks in moderation.

Stick to one slice about an inch thick for most huskies to avoid giving them too much sugar.

Mischa is quite small for a husky (around 20kgs), so she only gets a slice of a small watermelon, or half a slice if we have a regular-sized watermelon around the house.

Can Siberian huskies eat frozen watermelon?

Yes, they can!

Huskies are prone to overheating due to their double coat of fur, especially in warmer climates and at hotter times of the year.

As watermelon is naturally cooling it will be a refreshing snack for your husky during those hot times. And with the extra coolness of an iced watermelon, even better!

Here again, make sure to avoid watermelon rinds and seeds when feeding watermelon to your husky.

How can I feed my husky watermelon?

When serving your husky watermelon, it is best to serve them slices of fresh-cut fruit. Remove any seeds and cut off the rind and depending on the size of your husky and the watermelon, cut the slices about an inch thick.

Try to avoid giving your dog large pieces at once so that they do not have an issue with ingesting too much sugar in one sitting.

You can cut up the watermelon into blocks, making it easier for your husky to eat and may even cause less of a mess.

Do huskies like watermelon?

Yes, huskies do enjoy watermelon. However, it is important to note that they are not a big fan of the rind and seeds so remove these pieces before letting your pup indulge in a refreshing slice of summertime goodness.

Many huskies tend to enjoy sweet-tasting food and fruits, and considering watermelon is both sweet and also cooling, most huskies will enjoy it.

Is watermelon a good treat for huskies?

Yes! Watermelons are a great source of vitamins and minerals for husky pups and can be a refreshing snack after a hot day spent outside running around with the pack.

However, avoid giving your pup too much of this delicious fruit or they might end up with diarrhea.

Final thoughts on Huskies eating watermelon

Huskies are not typically a fan of the rind and seeds found in watermelon, so it is best to remove them before feeding your pup this delicious fruit. The other thing you should avoid when giving your husky any type of sweet food or treat, such as watermelon, is overfeeding them.

Some dogs will eat until they’re sick if given too much sugar at once which can lead to digestive issues and diarrhea for huskies and other dog breeds.

If you want help figuring out how many slices of watermelon your pup can have without getting into trouble with their stomachs then we recommend that you consult with a veterinarian about what size slice would be appropriate for their weight and age range.

We hope these tips on how to feed your husky watermelon and avoid digestive issues were helpful to you and your husky pup.

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