Are Huskies Aggressive?

Huskies are a specific kind of dog breed originally bred in the Chukchi Peninsula of Eastern Siberia and have been used as loyal sled dogs for centuries. Due to their appearance, people tend to think they are half-wolf. If they look that similar, are huskies aggressive?

Huskies are not considered aggressive as they weren’t bred to defend property and humans. However, aggressive behavior is possible in huskies, just as in all dogs. They are highly active dogs that need to release their energy and can make a loyal and friendly companion. 

This article will discuss whether or not huskies are an aggressive dog species. So, keep reading! We have everything you need to know about whether or not huskies are aggressive. 

Siberian husky showing aggression from fear

Keeping Huskies As A Pet

Huskies originated in Russia and were eventually taken west to Alaska during the 18th century. They were initially bred to be sled dogs, giving the species a bundle of energy that needs to be released through walks, exercise, and playtime. 

They are extremely intelligent dogs and can effortlessly outsmart people, unaware of this fact. They are prone to being the pack’s alpha, which can also become a problem for owners who are not assertive regarding who’s in charge. 

They have strong predatory instincts, probably carried over from their wolf ancestors. While this means they’ll hunt and attack smaller animals or those that run away, they won’t attack humans. 

They are loyal companions who are very independent and have a mischievous aspect to their personalities. They are friendly towards strangers and are typically outgoing; thus, they are not recommended to be effective guard dogs.

Are Huskies Aggressive?

Huskies are not considered to be an aggressive species of dog because they were not bred to be guard dogs for tribes and homes. They were specifically bred to be used as sled dogs, giving them an energetic and playful personality. 

This means they will not have territorial aggression, dogs’ most common form of aggression.

They will not typically have any predatory or dominant aggression aimed at humans, as they are usually trained well and have a strong bond with their owners and other people. 

A husky may be prone to aggression if stressed out; however, this is a common factor with most canines. It’s good to be aware of this scenario for anyone considering taking home a husky as a pet. 

Husky sled dogs playing in the snow

Do Huskies Bite?

So, while huskies are not considered an aggressive breed, the occasional bite is not uncommon. This is usually caused by people or small children antagonizing the dog and crossing a line, resulting in the dog snapping. 

This will make the huskie feel like it is not being respected, and as they are typically canines with alpha personalities, this will be a warning to back off.

It’s essential to teach young children and unsuspecting adults to be cautious and respectful around all dog breeds, not just huskies.

Generally speaking, huskies are great with kids.

Are Huskies Aggressive Towards Other Dogs?

Huskies may have more of an aggressive factor towards other dogs, as this is generally the case with all breeds. If a husky feels that another dog is invading his territory or personal space, it can be met with dominant aggression. 

As huskies are typically larger than most other canines, they can be dangerous to other dogs. As they have a high prey drive, dogs much smaller than them may be seen as prey if they haven’t been socialized properly.

However, as huskies are amiable dogs who enjoy the company of people and live in packs, they won’t go out of their way to show aggression to other dogs.

Often playfulness in huskies is mistaken for aggression, as they are very loud and make growling sounds as they play.

Are Huskies Aggressive Towards Other Pets?

Huskies are assertive and dominant pets who like to feel like they are the pack’s leader. This means that if they are placed in a scenario where there is another pet in the home, such as a cat, they may not take too kindly to the cat and may see it as a form of prey.

While a husky who’s properly trained and respects its owner is a highly loyal and energetic dog and is not likely to randomly attack other pets in the home, it’s typically advised to keep huskies away from small animals and cats.

In most cases, the best way to handle the scenario is to keep an eye on them when they are around the home. 

Small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, squirrels, birds, and cats can all be seen as prey in a husky’s eye and your best bet for these animals to survive is to have them grow up with the husky.

Correcting Dominant And Aggressive Behaviour

While huskies are not prone to aggressive or dominant behavior towards their humans. If this does become a problem, it must be corrected immediately.

You must take the alpha position in your relationship with your pup. 

Remain calm but firm in your attitude towards your husky, and correct his behavior each time you believe they are acting out.

If you have a particularly aggressive or reactive dog, you’ll probably want to avoid games like tug of war and wrestling, as this will only intensify their rough actions.

When your husky acts out or becomes dominant and aggressive, whether it’s snapping, snarling, or lugging, there are a few things you should do. 

First, command them to go to lie in their bed or mat. 

You can also get them to come and sit in front of you and reward them with a treat after a few seconds. 

Husky sitting waiting for a treat

A chew toy is a great idea to redirect his anxiety towards chewing something and train them to look towards you during fearful or tense situations and await instruction. 

In the worst-case scenario, you can always seek professional assistance if the dog has become overly dominant and predatory.

With huskies, a lot of their problems lie in them not getting enough or the right exercise. Try a sport like canicross with your husky to give them something to do and help you bond.

Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, huskies are not considered aggressive dogs towards people, children, or other dogs.

However, they have a high prey drive, and if not appropriately trained and socialized, they may lash out at animals around the home or at other dogs if they feel their territory is being invaded.

Make sure your husky gets plenty of exercise, a great release can be getting a canicross harness and running/jogging regularly with your pup.

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