Are Huskies Good With Kids?

Bringing home a family dog is a choice that must be carefully made. Many families fall in love with a breed but aren’t sure how they’re known to interact with young kids. Huskies, for instance, are a beloved breed, but are huskies good with kids?

Huskies are known to be very good with kids. Huskies pretty much love everyone they come into contact with, and that includes children. While some might be scared about the size of huskies and how that could impact children, big dogs aren’t automatically dangerous for children. 

It’s always important to remember that a dog being a certain breed doesn’t guarantee anything. As such, how you train your husky, how your kids train your husky, and the circumstances surrounding the husky before you adopt them will all play a role in how they fit into your family.

Cute girl with her husky dog on carpet

Are Huskies Good With Kids?

Huskies are very loving, friendly dogs who love nothing more than getting the attention and affection they deserve. This bodes well for families with kids, as your kids will likely want to play and interact with the dog all the time. 

Huskies are also playful, so they’ll all get along swimmingly. 

Huskies are often misunderstood due to their size and their strength. It’s often assumed that big dogs are dangerous. When it comes to huskies, they are almost too friendly and docile for their own good. 

Young huskies and husky puppies might be a little harder to reign in around your kids, but training is key, as with anything.

Are Huskies Good With Babies?

No matter what kind of dog you have in your family, they shouldn’t ever be left unattended with a baby.

That said, huskies are known to be very respectful of a baby’s need for calm energy once they pick that up from you. Huskies are very good at picking up on your signals and behaving accordingly, though that can come with time. 

One thing to note; huskies can be very loud. They like to howl and sing, especially if they want your attention.

This can be a bit troublesome when it’s your baby’s naptime. If you can aim to have them tired out by giving them playtime or taking them for a walk before it’s baby’s naptime, that can help avoid excessive “husky talk.”

How Do Huskies Behave Around Kids?

Huskies are generally well-behaved dogs around everyone, including kids. Part of the socialization and training process between kids and huskies should involve having all family members on board.

Everyone, including your kids, should be involved in the training.

This will help your husky understand that everyone is to be listened to when it comes to learned commands and training protocols. Even when trained, they will sometimes have a mind of their own.

Your children will need to understand this and know that when the dog has had enough, it’s time to leave them alone.

Are Huskies Good Family Dogs?

Huskies can make fantastic family dogs that almost instantaneously become an integral part of the family. Huskies, by nature, like people and tend to create strong bonds with their family members.

Just be sure you have enough time to satisfy their need for play and exercise, or they might become overly excited at home. 

The husky is not the most suitable option if you’re looking for a dog that takes on a more protective role in your family. While huskies are big and may be scary to some, they aren’t known for taking on that territorial/guard dog role. 

Furthermore, trying to train a dog to be a guard dog without the right training experience isn’t recommended.

How To Train Huskies Around Kids

Huskies are known to grow big, and they are also known to be excitable. One of the first aspects of your training with your new husky should be reverting them from jumping on people when they’re excited.

This is especially important when your kids are little. When huskies jump, it’s usually to greet you, but it shouldn’t be encouraged, or they’ll do it with everyone. 

A husky doesn’t always realize just how big they are and how much power they have.

Baby boy with husky

When you’re training your husky, it’s important to train them with a command to either calm down, let go, or stop when they end up playing a little too roughly or are tugging on their leash. 

This will help ensure that when they’re playing or walking with your kids, they don’t overpower or accidentally injure them. While no husky would ever intentionally hurt a child of any age, it could happen accidentally since they’re so big. 

How To Teach Kids To Behave Around Dogs

Young kids need to be taught to be respectful towards dogs, making sure they don’t handle the dog too roughly or pester them while they’re resting. The good news is that huskies aren’t prone to biting or nipping, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be provoked.

Your kids need to understand that pulling at a dog, petting them too roughly, or bothering them while sleeping or eating is never okay. Even though huskies are notoriously patient, every dog has their limits, and they need to be respected. 

When you have young kids, it’s not a good idea to leave the dog and your kids alone with each other. They should be supervised until everyone has been socialized and enough time has passed for you to recognize that there’s no risk of either misbehaving. 

Girl and boy walking with Husky in forest

Final Thoughts On Huskies With Kids

A husky is a perfect choice if you are considering adding a dog to the family.

Your kids will adore a husky’s friendly and playful nature, and your husky will love the extra attention and play companions. 

As long as everyone in the family understands your husky’s tendencies and knows how to be respectful of your husky, adopting a husky will be one of the best choices your family can make. 

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