Can Huskies Eat Grapes?

Grapes can be a tasty snack for us humans, but can we share them with our four-legged husky friends? Can huskies eat grapes? Can huskies eat raisins?

Let’s find out.

Can huskies eat grapes?

No, huskies should not eat grapes.

Grapes contain a toxin that is lethal to dogs of all kinds, including huskies. While research hasn’t been able to pinpoint the exact cause as of yet, grapes should nonetheless not be given to your husky as it is very dangerous for them.

Are grapes good for my Siberian husky?

No, grapes should never under any circumstance be given to dogs, this includes huskies.

If you are looking for a tasty fruit that contains healthy vitamins, try feeding your husky some apple slices, strawberries, or even bananas.

can huskies eat grapes

Can huskies eat raisins?

Like grapes, huskies should under no circumstance eat raisins. Raisins have the same toxins are grapes (they are just dried after all) and can be fatal if ingested by your husky, or any other type of dog.

Even a single grape or raisin can be fatal to dogs, so make sure to keep your pups away from them.

What to do if your husky eats grapes

Treatment is vital if your husky has eaten grapes or raisins, don’t just wait it out as these fruits can be fatal to dogs, even in small amounts.

As soon as possible, contact your veterinarian to see whether you should induce vomiting. Be clear with your vet on what your husky ate, when they ate it, and the current state they are in.

Call your vet immediately if you notice any of the following symptoms:

Call your vet immediately for guidance if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Oral ulcers
  • Loss of energy
  • Abdominal pain
  • Bad breath
  • Tremors, seizures, or unconsciousness

Can my husky eat green grapes?

No, grapes of all kinds can be toxic to dogs.

Even though the exact cause is unknown, the result is very clear. If your husky inhests green grapes or any other sort of grape or raisin, it can lead to kidney failure and even death.

Can huskies eat red grapes?

Like green grapes, red grapes are also toxic to Siberian huskies and other dog breeds.

Can huskies eat seedless grapes?

Seedless grapes are also poisonous to dogs and can be fatal for your husky.

It doesn’t seem like the toxin is only present in the seeds of grapes as this variant is just as dangerous as the seeded version.

Can huskies eat frozen grapes?

Grapes of all variants and types should be avoided when feeding your husky.

This includes frozen grapes, which should not be given to your dogs.

Final thoughts on huskies eating grapes

The bottom line is that you should avoid feeding your Siberian Husky any type of grape or raisin, no matter how tempting it may be.

They are poisonous to dogs and can cause kidney failure, or death, even in the smallest possible quantities.

If you do happen to find yourself with an unopened bag of grapes at home, leave them for the humans to enjoy and get your husky something more palatable, like a good ol’ dog bone.

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