Can Huskies Live In Colorado?

If you live in Colorado and you’re thinking of getting a husky, you may be concerned about the temperature and if the climate is suitable for owning a husky.

Huskies are actually very adaptable dogs, even though they are a northern breed of dog, they can live happily in a number of places you may not have expected. But, can huskies live in Colorado?

Let’s find out, but first, we need to look at what type of climate Colorado even has.

What climate does Colorado have?

Colorado is a state in the United States that has a climate containing extremes of all types. You can find tundra, subarctic, continental, humid subtropical, semi-arid, and cold desert in the various regions of the state.

The climate varies widely based on the location, with large shifts in the mountain regions compared to the open plains.

The climate of the Centennial state can be divided into the Western slopes and the Eastern plains along with the Front Range foothills.

In the summer, the Eastern plains have Day temperatures ranging from 90°F (32.2°C) to 100°F (37.8°C). Meanwhile, in the Western slopes, the summer temperatures range between 50°F (10°C) to 70°F (21°C).

In winter, Eastern Colorado can see temperatures between 20°F (-7°C) to 55°F (13°C). Meanwhile, in Western Colorado, the temperatures can range between 10°F (-12.2°C) to 38°F (3.3°C).

What kind of weather do huskies like?

Huskies come from a cold climate and remain built for the weather. They tend to prefer a colder climate but can enjoy life in warmer climates if they have access to shade and plenty of water.

The Siberian husky breed is often utilized as a sled dog during the harsh winter months in Alaska and Canada’s Yukon Territory where temperatures can drop to minus 40 degrees.

Huskies are built with a thick, luxurious coat that keeps them warm even in the coldest temperatures. They have a thick undercoat and an outer layer of coarse guard hairs.

This unique combination gives them protection against harsh weather and is often referred to as a “double-coat”.

This doesn’t mean they can’t survive in warmer climates though, huskies regulate their undercoat and can adapt very well to a variety of conditions, even hot climates as long as they have access to shade and plenty of water.

can huskies live in Colorado

Can Huskies live in Colorado?

Yes, but it is recommended that they are taken on shorter walks during the summer months and be sheltered from the sun in the hotter regions of the Centennial state.

Huskies will enjoy living in Colorado’s colder areas without any problems, especially during winter if there is snow on the ground.

When it’s hot, they should always have access to shade and plenty of water.

Daily walks are always recommended for the health of your husky, but longer walks should only be undertaken during the cooler hours in the early morning or in the evenings if you’re staying in the hotter areas, or it’s a particularly hot day.

Colorado has a very diverse landscape, so let’s take a look at some individual regions more specifically if you’re looking to get a Siberian Husky.

Can Huskies stay in Alamosa?

Yes, huskies can live in Alamosa.

In Winter, Alamosa can reach highs of 34°F (2°C) and lows of −2°F (-19°C). In Summer, Alamosa can reach highs of 82°F (28°C) and lows of 47°F (8°C).

These temperatures are ideal for your husky, especially during the cooler months they will feel more active and energized thanks to the cold weather.

In the summer months, the closer it gets to 82°F (28°C), the more you should reduce your activities with your husky to the cooler hours of the day, like early morning and late evening.

Can Huskies live in Colorado Springs?

Yes, huskies can live in Colorado Springs.

In Winter, Colorado Springs can reach highs of 42°F (6°C) and lows of 18°F (-8°C). In Summer, Colorado Springs can reach highs of 85°F (29°C) and lows of 57°F (14°C).

Colorado Springs has a slightly warmer climate compared to Alamosa, but still a very comfortable climate for any Siberian Huskies that look to call it home.

Like Alamosa, make sure to provide your husky with plenty of shade and water during the highs of summer.

Overall, Colorado Springs is an excellent place for Huskies to live.

Can Huskies stay in Denver?

Yes, huskies can live in Denver.

In Winter, Denver can reach highs of 47°F (8°C) and lows of 18°F (-8°C). In Summer, Denver can reach highs of 92°F (33°C) and lows of 61°F (16°C).

The summer months in Denver can be quite warm, especially for your Husky. But with adequate cooling, shade, and not participating in too many strenuous activities when the sun is high in the sky during the day, Denver can be an excellent place for your husky to live.

Can Huskies live in Grand Junction?

Yes, huskies can live in Grand Junction.

In Winter, Grand Junction can reach highs of 38°F (3°C) and lows of 17°F (-8°C). In Summer, Grand Junction can reach highs of 93°F (34°C) and lows of 63°F (17°C).

Grand Junction has a very diverse climate with cold winters and warm summers. This won’t be a problem for a husky though as they can cool themselves off perfectly fine as long as they have enough access to shade and lots of water. During the summer months, you can also use cooling mats to keep your dogs temperature in check.

Grand Junction is another good place for huskies to live, and they will particularly enjoy Spring, Autumn, and Winter.

Can Huskies live in Pueblo?

Yes, Pueblo is a great place for huskies to live.

In Winter, Pueblo can reach highs of 46°F (8°C) and lows of 14°F (-10°C). In Summer, Pueblo can reach highs of 93°F (34°C) and lows of 59°F (15°C).

From May to September, the temperatures can touch on the warmer side and it would be best to keep outdoor activities to a minimum during the midday sun.

The evening and early morning temperatures however are a lot more comfortable and you can take your Husky on long walks, or do more strenuous activities like jogging, cycling, canicross, etc.

All in all, if you have a decent amount of shade for the summer months, Pueblo will be an enjoyable place for your husky to live.

Does a husky’s coat keep them cool?

The short answer is sort of.

Siberian Huskies have a thick double coat that keeps them insulated in the coldest of conditions. Their undercoat is made up of fine, soft hair that provides insulation to their skin and provides an excellent barrier against heat loss.

Their outer coat is longer which works as great protection from snow, mud, and other elements.

But this coat also serves an important function during the warmer months because it allows for very efficient cooling.

During the summer months, they shed their undercoat and become very thin as a result. The infamous “blow out”.

The outer coat which has longer hairs then effectively serves as a cooling mechanism with air running through which keeps them cool while simultaneously protecting their skin from the sun.

Huskies cool themselves however by panting and sweating which happens mostly through their paws. While their coat doesn’t actively cool them, it does play a big part in protecting them and keeping them cool (so never shave a husky!).

Do huskies need air conditioning?

An air conditioner is technically not necessary for a Siberian husky, but it would definitely benefit them if you live in a hot area without much sun protection.

Airconditioning helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside which helps to keep your husky happy and healthy.

An air conditioner is not a necessity though. If you have plenty of shade, water, and some cool tiles inside of your house, your house should be able to cope just fine.

Additionally, you can get a cooling mat for them to lie on which can also help if you have a particularly warm home.

Tips to keep your husky cool in hot weather

  • Keep them inside during the hottest times of day.
  • Regularly give them a cool bath (spray them off) and let them drink lots of water.
  • Give them plenty of shade and access to freshwater.
  • Consider getting a cooling bed or AC for your home if you don’t already have these things available.
  • Brush regularly to shed their undercoat.
  • Keep their paws away from hot tiles, concrete, and asphalt.

Final thoughts on huskies living in Colorado

Huskies are a beautiful breed of dog that can live happily in many different climates, including all over Colorado.

Huskies are happiest in cooler temperatures, but they can live happily in warmer climates as long as they have plenty of shade and access to water.

Regardless of whether you live in Denver, Grand Junction, Fort Collins, or Durango, huskies can happily live in all of these places.

Make sure to pay attention to the temperature and that your husky has everything they need, and you and your pooch can have a great time in Colorado year-round.

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