Can Huskies Eat Oranges?

Oranges are not only a great source of vitamins, they are also a great refreshing fruit on warmer days. While we may enjoy oranges and eat them without worries, what about our four-legged friends, can huskies eat oranges?

Yes, huskies can eat oranges. Oranges are perfectly fine and healthy for your husky as long as they are eaten in moderation. If you feed your husky too many oranges, however, they can become ill, and if fed incorrectly, it can be quite serious.

Generally speaking though, oranges can be very beneficial for your husky, so keep on reading to find out more.

Benefits of oranges for huskies

Oranges as a whole are very healthy for your husky as they contain many nutrients, including vitamin C, potassium, and fiber.

Vitamin C in particular can be very healthy for maintaining a strong immune system for your husky to fight off illness. And fiber helps with digestion.

can huskies eat oranges

Are oranges good for huskies?

Yes, oranges are good for your husky as stated above. The nutrients inside of the orange are great for your husky. And even if they don’t suffer from a lack of vitamin C, as the vitamin is water-soluble, they will simply excrete any excess if it comes to that.

Oranges do contain some sugar, so if consumed in large amounts it can have a negative effect on your dog and lead to obesity.

Huskies with sensitive stomachs may also find it difficult to digest oranges and it can cause stomach upset.

When feeding your husky anything new, also offer them only a small bit at first to see how their body tolerates it, thereafter you can give them more slowly.

Can huskies eat orange peels?

While the orange fruit is safe for your husky to eat, you should always remove the peel.

The orange peel not only may be covered in dirt and pesticides, but they can also become lodged in your husky’s digestive tract, causing a blockage that may require surgery to correct.

For this reason, it isn’t recommended to feed your husky orange peels, even though they are not toxic.

Orange pith, on the other hand, (the white layer around the orange fruit, under the peel) is one of the most beneficial parts of the orange and is safe to eat. Just make sure not to add and peels if you serve your husky orange pith.

Can huskies eat orange seeds?

You should not let your husky eat orange seeds as they can contain small amounts of toxins.

Remove the seeds from orange slices before giving them to your dog to stay on the safe side.

Can huskies drink orange juice?

While oranges are fine, orange juice tends to be a concentrated version of the fruit. This concentrated form contains much more sugar and citric acid than a regular orange. For this reason, do not let your husky drink orange juice.

Instead, if you want to give them a juicy treat, try giving them a slice of watermelon.

How many oranges can a husky eat?

Generally speaking, for a regular-sized husky 2-3 orange slices is the max you should feed them daily.

While your husky can eat oranges in small quantities, overfeeding them can cause gastrointestinal troubles and pain for your dog.

Make sure to contact your vet immediately if you have any concerns about your huskies diet or if something seems off.

How to serve oranges to your husky

In order to feed your husky some tasty orange slices, there are a few things you need to do.

First of all, peel the orange and make sure that the peels do not land in the mouth of your husky.

Next, you want to remove the individual slices and then check for seeds. If you find any, remove them and don’t let your husky get hold of them.

Now your orange is ready to be given to your husky.

You can alternatively also freeze oranges and serve them cold for a refreshing treat on those hot summers days.

If you really want to treat your husky, you can even prepare a fruit and veg bowl with other healthy fruits and vegetables, like strawberries, carrots, apples, cucumber, etc.

Final thoughts on huskies eating oranges

Oranges can be very healthy for your husky, as long as you make sure to always remove seeds and the peel before feeding them oranges slices.

Throw some slices into the freezer for a tasty treat on hot sun-filled days, but don’t overdo it with how many oranges you give to your husky.

2-3 slices per day are enough for a medium-sized husky.

Hopefully, this has helped shed some light on whether or not huskies can eat oranges and how you can introduce your husky to the world of oranges.

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