Can Huskies Eat Tomatoes?

Tomatoes are one of those foods we either love or hate, and while slicing and dicing tomatoes, a piece may fall on the floor and your husky could come running to see what they could hoover up.

But not all food that we eat is safe for our huskies and other dogs, so can huskies eat tomatoes?

Yes, huskies can eat tomatoes, but only when they are ripe. Green tomatoes and the green parts of the tomato plant should be avoided as these contain tomatine which can be toxic to dogs in large quantities. Tomatoes should also only be fed to your dog in moderation.

Now that’s the short answer, let’s dive a little deeper.

Are tomatoes good for huskies?

The tomato fruit can be very healthy for your husky when ripe.

Tomatoes are full of fiber, which helps maintain a steady blood sugar level and supports digestion. They also contain antioxidants and nutrients, like potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin K.

While ripe tomatoes are healthy for your husky, you should avoid unripened tomatoes and the tomato plant entirely.

This is because the tomato is part of the nightshade family (like potatoes) and the green parts contain toxins that can be dangerous for dogs when consumed in large amounts.

can huskies eat tomatoes?

Can huskies eat raw tomatoes?

Yes, in moderation, they can.

A small piece of a ripe tomato every now and then is okay for your husky, but if you want to share the entire fruit with them that may be a little too much in one go.

Make sure that the raw tomato is ripe before feeding it to your husky, and remove the leaves if there are any still present on the tomato.

Can huskies eat cooked tomatoes?

Cooked tomatoes and cooked tomato sauces can be safe for your huskies as long as they haven’t been cooked with the addition of other potentially toxic ingredients for dogs.

Many sauces have garlic, onion, and herbs added for spicing, but these should all be avoided as they can cause your husky to get an upset stomach. Only feed your husky tomatoes that are cooked by themselves and avoid adding oil.

Can huskies eat tomato sauce?

Yes, huskies can eat tomato sauce if the tomato sauce doesn’t contain any dangerous additional ingredients like garlic and herbs, or excessive sugars.

If you want to give your husky tomato sauce, make sure to do so in moderation and try to rather make the tomato sauce yourself, as store-bought sauces can contain a lot of added sugars that can be very unhealthy for your pooch.

Can huskies eat tomato plant leaves?

No, you should never let your husky eat or chew on the tomato plant itself. This includes the stem, vines, and leaves, as well as unripe tomatoes.

These green areas of the tomato contain toxins known as tomatine that can be very dangerous for your husky when eaten in large quantities.

For this reason, if you are growing your own tomatoes, make sure that it is fenced off and out of reach of your husky and any other dogs.

How many tomatoes can huskies eat?

Tomatoes should not be treated as a meal replacement for your husky and only be given as an additional treat or supplement.

Stick to less than 10% of your husky’s daily caloric intake and mix things up by not giving them tomatoes on a daily basis.

How to feed tomatoes to your husky

Tomatoes are low in calories and high in fiber and water, but many dogs don’t like the texture of tomatoes.

If you want to feed your husky tomatoes, slice them up, or grind them in a blender.

Make sure to thoroughly wash the tomato beforehand to remove any pesticides that may still be present and only feed your husky ripe, red tomatoes.

Final thoughts on huskies eating tomatoes

Tomatoes can be a nice addition to your husky’s food plan when given in moderation and when ripe.

Not all dogs like tomatoes though, so first test the water by giving them a small piece and seeing how they tolerate it.

If you have any concerns over your husky’s diet or how they react to tomatoes, contact your vet as they will be able to advise you on dietary requirements specifically for your husky.

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