How Many Puppies Can A Husky Have?

Welcoming a new litter of husky puppies into the world can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. If your pup is expecting, you’re probably wondering, how many puppies can a husky have?

Generally, a husky will have between four and six puppies per litter. Of course, this is just a mere guideline, and your expectant furry buddy may have fewer than four or more than six pups depending on a number of factors. You can always consult a qualified vet to estimate the litter size.

Knowing the litter size of your pregnant husky can be helpful in several ways. For beginners, it’s vital for the pet’s overall health. If the litter size is too large, it can result in birth complications.

Knowing the number of litter for breeders is important in estimating how many puppies will go out to their new owners. If you are a responsible breeder, you should have a waiting list of future dog parents before the actual mating is scheduled.

Factors That Influence A Husky’s Litter Size

Numerous factors can impact your four-legged friend’s litter size. 

It’s crucial that you know and understand these factors if you are contemplating breeding your husky. 

These factors include:

Husky Age

This is arguably the most critical factor that determines litter size. In terms of age, a husky aged between three and five will probably have four- six puppies.

At this age, your husky also has the highest likelihood of delivering more than six puppies.

Consequently, when your husky is aged three years and below, or five years and above, you can expect fairly few babies.

Sometimes, it could signify that your pup only delivers one or two babies.

Weight And Health

A healthy and fit husky will likely have more puppies than one nursing serious underlying health concerns. 

In terms of weight, a husky with unhealthy weight will almost certainly have a relatively small litter size as opposed to its counterpart with a healthy weight.

To optimize the litter size, ensure your husky remains in prime health and healthy weight.

It is highly recommended that you routinely consult your vet to ensure your expectant pet receives the vital nutrients it needs throughout the entire pregnancy.

Litter Stage

It has been established that huskies tend to have relatively fewer babies during their initial litter than in the second. 

But it’s worth noting that this may also be influenced by how old the husky is when it gives birth at the time of each litter.


Good nutrition is crucial in optimizing your husky’s litter size. 

Provide your expectant husky with a healthy diet with essential vitamins, nutrients, and other supplements that promote optimal health.

It will likely benefit from a fairly healthy and equally large litter.

Contrary to popular belief, genetics don’t play a huge role in determining the litter size of a dog.

So, if your dog was delivered from a fairly large litter, it doesn’t necessarily imply that it will have a large litter when it finally delivers its puppies. 

Research shows that genetics may only account for 10-15% of determining a husky or any other dog’s litter size.

How Often Can A Husky Get Pregnant?

First and foremost, it’s worth noting that a female husky may get pregnant after its first heat, usually at nearly six months old. However, letting your husky get pregnant during this phase of its life is not recommended.

Experts recommend only breeding your husky once it reaches two years of age because its body won’t have developed and matured enough for breeding before then. 

In this regard, the widely accepted age for a husky female to get pregnant is between two and three years.

If you breed your husky regularly, leave 18 months between litters. This ample time between pregnancies helps put less strain on your female husky, so it can fully recover.

Nursing puppies is a tedious task for a husky mum, so it’s important that you let your husky recover both psychologically and physically between pregnancies. 

Moreover, it will ensure it develops the best attitude toward looking after the puppies once they arrive.

Can You Predict Husky Litter Size?

If you are certain your doggo is expectant because she is exhibiting signs of pregnancy, such as discolored or enlarged nipples, weight gain, and nesting behaviors (among other things), contact your vet to help you determine the exact number of puppies your pet is carrying.

After 25 to 30 days, your husky’s stomach will appear bloated, and you can physically feel the puppies inside. By physically gauging the lumps in its uterus, you can accurately predict the litter size your pup may be carrying.

Have your husky booked for an ultra-sound exam 25 days into the pregnancy for a more accurate examination. This technique will give your vet a clearer picture of the number of babies inside your husky.

At 55 days, your vet can conduct an x-ray exam on your husky, where the puppies’ spinal cord, as well as skulls, can be seen more clearly and allow you to get the most accurate headcount so that you can make the best arrangements for the arrival of your puppies. 

Even though this technique is relatively precise, still, there is a slight possibility that your expectant four-legged friend may deliver more or fewer puppies than expected.

Final Thoughts On A Husky’s Litter Size

Huskies generally have litters of 4-6 pups, with responsible breeders only letting them get pregnant five times in their lives. 

There are a number of factors that can influence litter sizes like age, weight, health, and nutrition. 

If you’re a husky breeder or thinking about becoming one, it’s important to be aware of these things.

You can also talk to your veterinarian about predicting litter size through ultrasound after 25-30 days or an x-ray after 55 days.

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