How High Can Huskies Jump?

If you’re considering getting a husky, one question you may be wondering is how high they can jump. They are known for being an extremely active breed, and because of that, they can jump quite high. 

But just how high can huskies jump?

Huskies can jump up to 4.5 feet (1.37 m) high. This doesn’t consider anything they may jump on beforehand for some extra leverage. For this reason, you shouldn’t leave anything close to your fence to use as a step, and your fence should be at least 6 feet high, as huskies can climb those last few inches if they reach the top.

Huskies are incredibly smart dogs known for finding a way to get out if you leave them somewhere for too long. There are many things you can do, though, to curb their fence-springing ways and have a happy husky in your yard.

Husky jumping over fence

Why Do Huskies Jump So High?

There are several reasons why huskies are such jumping enthusiasts, here are the most important ones:

They Are Naturally Athletic

Huskies were originally bred in Siberia as sled-pullers and are naturally inclined to be robust, strong, and athletic.

They can withstand harsh weather as well as other extreme circumstances. 

Due to this innate willpower, they can almost effortlessly build up the necessary speed and momentum to jump heights you wouldn’t imagine possible.

Husky dogs pulling sled in race

Huskies Are Very Curious

Huskies are not only very intelligent dogs but highly adventurers as well. They are always inquisitive about their environments.

If you already own a husky, you would know they are curious and will do whatever it takes to stand at the fence trying to see what your neighbors are up to.

This inborn curiosity is what will force your four-legged friend to want to jump over your fence to explore new things.

They Are Prey-Driven

Huskies boast a high prey drive, making them want to chase after small animals such as cats, rabbits, mice, squirrels, and even larger animals like deer.

So, if you reside in an area where these animals live, be wary that your husky will likely try to hunt them down, even if that means jumping over a fence.

They Have Lots Of Energy To Burn

Huskies are a high-energy breed requiring plenty of exercise to keep their minds and bodies in an optimal state. 

And if this is not met, they will have to escape from their various confinements to find entertainment for themselves. 

A fence doesn’t pose much of a challenge for a restless husky.

Is It Dangerous For My Husky To Jump So High?

While jumping is generally a form of exercise and can benefit your husky in several ways, it can pose potential problems that could jeopardize its safety and health.

If your dog jumps to escape its enclosure or garden, its chances of getting seriously hurt or lost become much higher.

A husky’s instinct to chase can also put the lives of your neighbor’s animals in danger, and you’ll inevitably become a very unpopular pet parent. 

This could also result in legal issues or your dog being put down in extreme cases.

In terms of health, the single most common health concern associated with regular jumping in dogs is early arthritis.

Just as humans can suffer from inflammation of the joints, so can huskies.

It is estimated that nearly 60% of all dogs will suffer from arthritis. This condition is relatively more prevalent among older dogs because of the natural wear and tear of the joints and ligaments.

However, all dogs, including huskies, can develop arthritis at any age.

When your husky constantly jumps, this intensifies the wear and tear of its joints, putting it at a greater risk of developing arthritis and any other similar health problem.

How To Prevent Your Husky From Jumping Fences

You can do certain things as a husky parent to prevent your furry best friend from jumping or getting over your fence. 

Here are some top tips to keep your husky happy and inside your yard:

Give Your Husky Adequate Exercise

As already mentioned, huskies are one of the most energetic dog breeds in the world.

Their endurance is nearly unmatched. So, it’s very common for your husky to exhibit bad behaviors, including those unwanted jumps.

This is why you want to ensure your husky gets regular exercise to help curb bad habits, defiance, and frustration, all factors that can entice your pet to scale your fence.

Husky playing catch with owner

Get A Fence That Is More Than 6 Ft Tall

Some husky parents recommend building a fence taller than 8 ft just to guarantee your dog’s safety.

To completely husky-proof your yard or garden and minimize all chances of possible escape, you should also install chicken wire under your fence.

Once your dog realizes that jumping over the fence is no longer feasible, it might try to dig under it.

And adding an extra obstacle in the form of a chicken wire may go a long way in enhancing its overall security and safety.

Teach Your Husky

It is also worth noting that unnecessary jumping can be discouraged by letting your pup know firsthand that it’s not a good habit.

So, if your husky is constantly jumping up and down in your presence, you should act quickly to deter this behavior.

It would help if you only rewarded it for keeping its paws on the ground.

Minimize Your Husky’s Yard Time

Limiting your pooch’s yard time is another solution.

Don’t allow your husky to spend all of its free time in the yard, as this will encourage bad behavior as your husky searches for ways to keep itself entertained.

Reserve the yard for playtime only when you or your family are available and can actively engage with it outside.

Final Thoughts On How High Huskies Jump

Huskies are known for their jumping abilities – but why do they jump so high? Turns out, there are a few reasons. Their athletic builds, natural curiosity, and prey drive contribute to their ability to jump up to 4.5 ft (1.37 m) high. 

While it may be fun to watch your husky soar, it can also be dangerous.

If you’re concerned about your husky jumping the fence, you can do a few things to prevent it. 

Exercise is key in tiring out your pup, as is investing in a tall fence.

You can also teach your husky not to jump and minimize their time in the yard.

Following these steps can help keep your husky safe and sound.

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